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Hi. I'm Bitcoin.

And this is my homepage.
The starting point to know me better.

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How to start? Wallets? Safety?

Bitcoin Talk

Definitely the best bitcoin forum. Ask politely and get interesting answers.

Probably the site where you should start.

The Bitcoin Page

A lot of good links.

How to get free bitcoins?

Good to know that you can get an unlimited number of fractions of Bitcoin (satoshis) for free. This way you will begin to have the necessary experience with cryptocurrencies. The easiest way to get certain amounts of satoshis for your wallet is to visit the so-called "taps" or "faucets". What follows is access to one that we have created for anyone to get some of these coins for free and with a funny point. You will also find access to a list with a selection of the best. So, in a moment, you can get your first satoshis. At the pace at which grows Bitcoin, in the not too distant future, they could be very valuable.